Watch the ads aired by the Clinton and Trump campaigns in 2016 archived on The Living Room Candidate ( Watch an equal number of ads from 2020.

For the Trump campaign, classify the 2016 ads as either positive, negative, or contrast. Also classify each ad in terms of the phase of the campaign: bio, argument, attack, or summation. Present your results in the form of a table.
Identify the Trump campaigns theme from both 2016 and 2020. Provide some examples to support your conclusions. How is the 2020 theme different and the same from 2016? Why?
Identify the target audience in both campaign years. Provide some examples to support your conclusions. How are the targeted constituencies in 2020 theme different from 2016? Why?
Evaluate the Trump campaigns 2020 communication strategy. How effective is the theme? Are the constituencies targeted appropriate for forming a winning electoral coalition? Is the theme appropriate for the constituencies that should have been targeted


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