Assessing the Older Adult Population Discussion

Assume you have been asked by your local health department to determine the needs of the older adult population in your community. In 300-500 words, address the following: How would you begin conducting a needs assessment? What data might you want to collect? How would you find out what services are already being offered and […]

Social Determinants of Health Discussion

Healthy People 2020 highlights the importance of addressing the social determinants of health. Review: In 300-500 words, choose one of the five SDOH that you believe your community addresses well and one of the five that you believe your community is failing to address in a meaningful way.  Give specific examples from your community […]

International economics

Suppose the world is divided into two regions, the Organization of Coffee Exporters (OCE) and the Club of Coffee Importers (CCI). Both economies are roughly the same size. The diagrams below represent the domestic markets for coffee in each region plus the world market (prices are in U.S. dollars per kg.): a. Show how to […]