The opiod crisis

Overdose is now the leading cause of death in the US for those under 50. In 2016, 197 Americans died per day from drug overdose. Describe what your state is doing in response to the opioid crisis and how the response will impact treatment resources Sample Solution The post The opiod crisis appeared first on […]

Relationships and Expectations

Module 2 – Case Relationships and Expectations Case Assignment Read the case story about how a Nurse Manager helps her staff become more culturally competent. After reading the case story, click on the Learning Activities link on the left side. Complete Activities 1, 2, and 4. You may complete Activity 3 if you like, […]

Wet Tropics of north-east Australia

High elevation vertebrates and invertebrates in the Wet Tropics of north-east AustraliaThe topic is to understand why the Wet Tropics has been such an important refuge for these animals. Provide a range of example groups. And explain why these animals are generally high up on the mountains. And explain why they are predicted to go […]