Who has the most power to influence the U.S. government? How do you know? What powers do they have and where did those powers come from? Is their power legitimate? Why or why not? What checks exist to limit their power? attachment Document..docx

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Security Risks in Database Migration,

Submit your .ppt, a thousand word summary on Security Risks in Database Migration, and a five source annotated reference list. Your references should be academically appropriate not from commercial sources and preferably from articles you found on the Reference Databases availalbe through the Danforth Library Each annotation consists of two paragraphs. The first paragraph summarizes […]

social strategy event

find an online company advertisement (website, social media, etc…) that you think embodies the company’s social strategy and analyze the advertisement. Take a selfie of you with the advertisement on your computer screen and include that in your word document write up. Then in your write up make sure to (i) explain what social issue […]