Help with microeconomics

Money is a scarce resource. It is difficult to make ends meet when prices are so high. How do you spend your money? How do you justify this and what are some of the things you have forgone due to those choices? Remember to base your discussion on economic theory. Need reference need only 4 […]

Common Theme Reading/Activity 4

i need someone to write a short paragraph, i will upload the instruction, and some sample work for my classmate please do not copy anything from it. the video that you should watch, i could not upload it so i will upload the (transcript) of the video and all what the person (author) in the […]

MBA560 SNHU Marketing and Strategy Macroeconomic Evaluation Paper

Governments at all levels—federal, state, and municipal—exert a significant influence on business. The impacts of these influences may be negative, such as the imposition of costly regulations, or they may be positive, such as the provision of financial incentives for the creation of new jobs. Both negative and positive governmental actions present challenges for businesses: […]