Assignment #4: Positive Message (a ?6%? assignment)Choose one scenario from the list below and write an appropriate message. Depending on your audience, your message might be in the form of a letter, or it might be a memo?you decide. While the scenario cannot be changed, you are free to make up the details in each case.

A.You are the owner of the ReliableSteel & Aluminum Co., a small but rapidly growing automotive parts manufacturer located in Southwest Michigan.Your company?s controller (bookkeeper, human resources & office manager)has been too busy to be able to perform herduties up to standard. To help ease the load, you have decided to purchase and install a new enterprise resource planning (ERP) systemthat will make her job much easier. The only downside to this plan is that there is a mandatory meeting for the department managers after work on Friday to learn the new software. Write a message to themanagers informing them of the new software system and the meeting on Friday. The messageneeds to be written so that your controller does not feel she has been singled out for unsatisfactory work and also so that the managers will not view the mandatory meeting negatively.Make up the necessary details and make the message as authentic as possible.

B.Assume that you are part of anenvironmental work group at the Bank of Michigan. In 2014, the group was asked to create an environmental policy for paper use. The policy gives direction on paper conservation efforts and on improving the environmental qualities of the bank?s paper choices, such as the use of recycled content and the introduction of measures to reduce paper use. The policy was reviewed by an external group of stakeholders and was launched earlier this year. As a bank representative, your task is to write a messageto account holders (your customers) that briefly describesyour company?s conservation efforts and invitesthem to convert their existing accounts to online accounts that use less paper.Make up the necessary details and make the message as authentic as possible.

Audience: These problems all have specific audiences. Write with those persons (and roles) in mind. (The audience given should make it clear whether towrite a letter or a memo.) Your audience?s name will appear in the memo header or letter salutation/address.


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