Identification of target symptoms/problems
1.    What information, if any, would you like to know that was not included in the case?
2.    Which psychiatric symptoms are a treatment priority for this case?
3.    What are the non-pharmacologic issues in this case (problems/complaints that cannot be addressed by medication)?
Medication Choice 1
4.    List one medication that would be appropriate for this case. Include the name and starting dose.
5.    Describe your clinical decision making. What is your rationale for choosing this medication? Also, include the mechanism of action for this medication choice, and the neurotransmitters and areas of the brain in which the medication is proposed to act on.
6.    What laboratory testing/monitoring is needed for safely prescribing this medication?
7.    Are there any contraindications or safety issues associated with this medication?
Non pharmacologic Interventions
8.    What non-pharmacologic interventions do you recommend? Do you recommend including but not limited to psychotherapy, complimentary and holistic therapies?
Safety Risk Assessment
9.    What are the safety concerns, if any, associated with this case? How will you address safety?
10.  When would you follow up with this patient?
11.  List your references.
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