This module we will be doing something different, and creating a single image based on multiple steps described in the studio tutorial videos. For this assignment, you will use Illustrator to create an image inspired by one of the Op Art paintings by Bridget Riley posted to this module. Your image doesn’t need to be an exact replica of your inspiration painting – you are just using this artwork as a starting point.

Your image will be completed over multiple steps – be sure to export at the end of the final step and submit to this assignment. This final exported image is worth 8 points total, broken down in the rubric below (which correspond to each of the different tutorial videos). Partially completed projects will be assigned partial credit based on this rubric.

Project Requirements:
Completed using Illustrator or approved alternative vector editor
1000 pixels x 1000 pixels canvas size
Exported and submitted as a JPG file
Export Settings Using CC versions: File > Export > Export As: JPG file format, Check “Use Artboards”, Color Mode: RGB, Quality 10 (Maximum), Compression Method: Use Default Setting, Resolution: Screen 72 ppi
Export Settings Using CS6 or lower versions: File > Save for Web: JPG file format, Quality 100% / Maximum, Compression: Use Default Setting, Check “Clip to Artboard”, hit “Save” not just “Done” in bottom right

Project Rubric / Breakdown:

  1. Project contains a field of at least 50 repeated shapes that are aligned and/or distributed intentionally (for example – they fit into a grid or some kind of pattern) – 2pts

  2. Project contains lines and/or curves that visually interact with this field of shapes – 1pt

  3. Project contains objects (including shapes, lines and/or background colors) with a variety of values assigned to the following properties: Fill Color, Outline/Stoke Color + Opacity level – 2pts. This does not mean that every object needs a fill color, a stroke color or a change in opacity level, or that every object needs to be different. We just want to see that you know how to change these values in ways that help you achieve your ultimate visual goal based on your inspiration image.

  4. Project uses transformation processes or tools to create some sort of optical effect. This transformation can be achieved by manually editing, scaling, moving and/or rotating shapes and lines, by adjusting colors of objects, and/or by utilizing the effects and tools described in the video tutorials – 2pts

  5. Project has the correct dimensions and is exported / submitted in the correct file format – 1pt

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