Parallelism exercises

  • Mr. Holloway enjoys reading and to play his guitar on weekends.
  • The doctor told Mrs. Franklin that she should either eat less or should exercise more.
  • Breaking out of the prison compound, the escapees moved carefully, quietly, and were quick on their feet.
  • I have read the book, but I have not watched the movie version.
  • Deal with a full inbox first thing in the morning, or by setting aside short periods of time in which to answer e-mail queries.
  • I would rather work at a second job to pay for a new car than a loan.
  • How you look in the workplace is just as important as your behavior.
  • At the party, my sister helped us make the cake, gathering the kids for games, clean up and to drive some kids home.
  • Exercises that I enjoy doing are marathon running, to swim lengths in a pool, riding my bicycle in the park, and to walk along the trails in a forest.
  • We must either change the laws about drunk driving or it will be necessary to start enforcing them more strictly.
  • The protestors were gathering outside, held signs, starting to shout loudly and stopped the speaker from being heard.
  • To my horror, my wedding dress looked stained, torn, and it had wrinkles.
  • Our latest math instructor was enthusiastic, is demanding, and he was fair.
  • Tom likes to read, completing crossword puzzles, and to jog.
  • I tried to improve my grades by following a strict routine of sleep, added personal study time, and scheduling group study sessions.
  • To gain support for her proposal, the politician tried calling voters, to persuade other lawmakers, and inform the press.
  • The trainer followed a weekly routine of jogging, weights, and swimming.

Please place the leftover chicken on the counter or you can put it in the refrigerator


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