Medical Terminology class: half page

Think of a time when you were a patient.Did the health care provider you saw use medical terms when communicating with you?Did the provider make sure you understood the words that he or she used?What did this provider do well when communicating with you and what could they have done better?

Math class:half page

In most societies across the globe the position of a decimal holds the power inside finances, a couple moves to the left could leave a family in poverty while a few moves to the right could end all of your monetary problems and increase your family’s legacy.

In this discussion we will analyze the power of the decimal, the decimal represents the word “and” but is also an indicator numerically for the positions of powers of ten.


You have just graduated from college and you get your dream job making $15,000.00 monthly but you cannot keep your pay grade until you make a choice for the first 90 days.

You must move your monthly salary’s decimal to the left or to the right, whatever you choose stays only for the 90 days then you return to $15,000.00

Which way would you choose left or right and how many place values would you move?

Here’s the catch!!!

If you move to the right whatever place value you choose is how many families will decrease all over the world, people you will never meet or know.

if you move to the left you decrease financially but you help increase a power of 10 families that you will never meet and no-one will ever know of your contributions.

Which do you choose and why? Identify which place value chose (Numerically)

Just answer question 1, and 2. Short answer, no work cited. Each answer half page. Total one page, this is weekly discussion post answer.

BIO 100 question, just one page. Answer 1,2,3,4

  • Do a little bit of research into a skincare product that you swear by. How does it work and what is the science behind it?
  • For example if you use a moisturizer or sunscreen daily, how do moisturizers work? You can also do research on a chemical present in your moisturizer. How does that chemical contribute to that moisturizer’s effectiveness?
  • Feel free to list any other skin care products you use. They can be natural remedies like lemon juice or coffee grounds. What is your rationale for using these products? Upon doing more research, do these rationales make sense?
  • You can also reply to the posts made by your classmates. Do you use similar products? Contribute additional information where you can. Did you find something that contradicted what your classmate said?

total 2 pages.

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