Read, Think, and Write:

American Yawp, Chapter 3


Atlantic Slave Trade Maps
Primary Sources


Your People Only Live on Cod
Excerpts from Billy G. Smith and Richard Wojtowicz, Blacks Who Stole Themselves: Advertisements for Runaways in the Pennsylvania Gazette, 1728-1790
As They Had Been in Ancient Times: Pedro Naranjo Relates the Pueblo Revolt, 1680
One Year in the Life of a Connecticut Farmer, 1668
A German Migrant in Philadelphia, 1750
Excerpt from William Byrd’s Diary, 1709-1712

The creators of your textbook, American Yawp, entitled chapter three “British North America.” Think about what you’ve read in chapter 3. The information in the chaptere (and any previous chapters read to-date) give you context (or background/the bigger picture) for the information provided in the primary source documents listed above. Using all of this information, consider the textbook editors’ labeling chapter 3 “British North America.” Why might they have used that title? What supports their decision? What challenges it? Do you think the title is a fair representation of early America? Does the title represent the lived experiences of people in North America?

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