Cases In Financial Decision-Making

complete the Q3 and Q4 and i have presentation for this case, do the PowerPoint use key words, and Briefly summarize these two questions and attach a brief speech

case Study:

Dividend Policy at FPL Group, Inc.

Suggested Assignment Questions:


Why do firms pay dividends? What, in general, are the advantages and disadvantages

of paying cash dividends?


What are the most important issues confronting the FPL Group in May 1994?


From FPL’s perspective, is the current payout ratio appropriate? Would a higher payout

ratio be more appropriate? A lower payout ratio?


From an investor’s perspective, is FPL’s payout ratio appropriate?


As Kate Stark, what would you recommend regarding investment in FPL’s stock – buy,

sell, or hold?


As a member of FPL’s executive board, would you recommend cutting the dividend,

suspending the dividend, raising the dividend, or leaving the dividend as is?


How vulnerable is FPL to power industry regulation changes?


What factors other than cash flow affect a firm’s decision regarding dividend payments?


Are there agency conflicts that could impact management’s dividend decision? If so,

might management be less inclined to maximize shareholder value? Or could management

have an ulterior motive?

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