Law homework

Form an itemized business plan for a new limited liability company. Step 2) Fill out pertinent  State of Ohio articles of organization form for the newly planned LLC.  These are available online. Step 3) Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the selected business structure, LLC, in a short, 2 page essay, observing requirements above.  This step […]

Doctrine of Harmonious Construction

HISTORY 1st amendment came in the case of Sankari Prasad before SC. The court unanimously decided to resolve the conflict between Fundamental Rights and Directive Principles by placing the reliance of the line of doctrine of harmonious construction. The court held that the FRs impose limitation over the legislature and executive power. They are not […]

Project summary (ford manufacturing)

In a 5-7 page paper, summarize your findings in weeks 1-5. Please include the following from previous weeks: • The elements of planning, control, and decision making used by the company. • Different types of costing methods used by the company (Include fixed and variable costs.) • Discuss the production costing methods used. • Discuss […]