The History and Use of Narrative Poetry

[ad_1] Narrative poetry is one of the three main types of poetry–the others are lyrical and dramatic. A narrative poem is best described as a poem which holds a plot. The poem may be short or long, simple or complex, but it must tell a story. It is often nondramatic and has objective regular scheme […]

What Makes a Good Narrator?

[ad_1] A narrator is, within any story. He is the person who tells the story to the readers. When the narrator is also a character within the story, he or she is sometimes known as the viewpoint character. The narrator is one of three entities responsible for story-telling of any kind. The others are the […]

Narration – The Best Way to Learn

[ad_1] Nine year-old Elizabeth sits quietly listening as her mother reads from a well-written book on natural science. Mother reads a paragraph or two, and then asks Elizabeth to tell in her own words what was just read. The child eagerly relates the content of the paragraphs, often using some of the same expressive language […]