Some interesting public issues to me is education reform, immigration rights, women’s right, etc.

choose a public issue of interest, and breaking it down, discuss how the issue has been constructed, and by whom, and under what conditions, towards what ends. It’s not just enough to know what the issue is, we must also understand the various positions a public can take on it, and how those positions came to be. By examining how others persuade us on issues of public interest here in Assignment #1, we will pave the way to construct our own persuasive essay in the later semester assignments.

You will need to decide how best to break down the issue in order to explain its nuances according your needs to describe it using the questions you have selected as lenses. The following questions could be considered:

Who are the stakeholders in this issue; what are their collective and individual interests in any outcomes from the issue?

What is at stake in the issue itself, and why is it an issue; what makes it a public issue?

What kinds of rhetorical devices do I see in the things I read about the issue, and how does their use affect the issue and how the public views it and what they think about it?

What solutions are forthcoming for this issue, and what does it take to implement them?

What do the different factions who hold the issue up stand to gain/win, or to lose; is a compromise forthcoming and what does it look like?

What is the history of this issue and/or how has it evolved; what does the future look like for this issue; what do the people you’re reading say about it.

And there are other questions that you could ask to aid you as you break down the issue. These six questions can serve as a baseline from which you might launch your individual analysis.

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