Situation:?Your company has capacity and competency to provide accounting services. The company wishes to shift from a ?product? focus (providing accounting services) to a customer focus (serving those who need accurate accounting documents prepared).?The company needs to determine whether it should pursue the B-B market or the B-C market.
Using the buying processes of customers as described in the text and the course content, describe the following for?each?market type (B-B, B-C):
The core need of the customers that will be addressed
At least 4 steps customers would take to make a buying decision
Factors that influence purchase decisions
Most positive reason to pursue each market type
Most negative reason not to pursue each market type
After compiling this information add a paragraph that explains your recommendation to pursue one specific market type.
You may choose to use the downloadable template below, also available in the Course Resources folder to complete this assignment or you may prepare and format your own document.


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