The Community Assessment Assignment provides you with the opportunity to perform a community level health assessment. The community assessment will be done on a county (not town or city) that you select. The Community Assessment Assignment will allow you to:

  • Apply clinical content/criteria considered essential in baccalaureate nursing education.
  • Analyze how aggregate populations are unique in terms of their demographic characteristics, available health care resources, health status and risk factors, and patterns of use of services.
  • Apply available written information that characterizes the health status of an aggregate population and provides an inventory of available human services agencies.
  • Identify information about an aggregate population to identify needs, priorities, and targets for attention.
  • Develop plans for a primary prevention intervention to address identified needs.

This assignment has three main components:

  1. The Windshield Survey, which is to be completed in person in the community you select. This community will be a part of the county at large. It does not have to be a windshield survey of the whole county.
  2. Online research on health statistics and data concerning the community, county, state/region, and country.
  3. Analysis and assessment of health statistics and data.



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