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TE 505
TE 505: History and Philosophy Project Proposal-Due October 09, 2018
Individual Project-Due, Tuesday, October 09, 2018
Students will develop a one and one half to two page research proposal that reflects the professional and/or social use technology. Further students will have to identify and clearly explain which philosophy is reflected in the designated use of technology in which they have chosen to investigate. The proposal must consist of a title, need, overview, major points, and summary. This will be due on Tuesday October 09, 2018 by 9:00 p.m.
See below for Example (you cannot use this title or content):
Title: Industrialization: How the Progressivist Philosophy Promoted The Industrial Revolution and Today’s Impact (you can not use my title or idea–this is just for an example)
Need: As society increases in mass production, progress techniques and systems must be in place to support customer demand (Murphy, 2017). There is a need for……. (you should 3-5 sentence, minimum here)
Overview: Progressivism is of a wider modernization process, where social change and economic development. Technological innovation helped to promote this philosophy in industry…..(you should 3-5 sentence, minimum here)
Major points (This can be 3-5 bullet points you plan to discuss in your research paper):
1) Define Progressivism
2) Discuss Progressivism and Industrialization
3) Describe how technology innovation progressively impacted industry
4) List and describe modern examples
Summary: Summarize your expected outcome in 5 sentences (minimum).
(Please submit in Canvas by the deadline. Do not email assignment to me–it will not be accepted. Also, do not email assignment to me prior to deadline and ask me to review before you submit. This is not permissible)


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