Comprehensive Client Family Assessment
    Assess clients presenting for psychotherapy
    Develop genograms for clients presenting for psychotherapy
To prepare:
    Select a client whom you have observed or counseled at your practicum site.
    Review pages 137142 of the Wheeler text and the Hernandez Family Genogram video in this weeks Learning Resources. Reflect on elements of writing a Comprehensive Client Assessment and creating a genogram for the client you selected.
The Assignment
Part 1: Comprehensive Client Family Assessment
With this client in mind, address the following in a Comprehensive ClientAssessment (without violating HIPAA regulations):
    Demographic information
    Presenting problem
    History or present illness
    Past psychiatric history
    Medical history
    Substance use history
    Developmental history
    Family psychiatric history
    Psychosocial history
    History of abuse/trauma
    Review of systems
    Physical assessment
    Mental status exam
    Differential diagnosis
    Case formulation
    Treatment plan
    Part 2: Family Genogram
    Prepare a genogram for the client you selected. The genogram should extend back by at least three generations (great grandparents, grandparents, and parents).
6 resources


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