This is a CS project, only need to work question 2, 3, 4.
sumOfPDivs.html, sumOfPDivs.css and sumOfPDivs.js. This is an exercise in Client-Side JavaScript: you will need an .html file, a .ccs file, and a .js file. You’ll create a minor web application. A) In Atom create a file in your p5 folder named sumOfPDivs.html. It should be a minimal html page. You’ll find an example of a minimal html page under week 8 on Canvas. It shows what your sumOfPDivs.html file should be. B) In Atom create a second file in your p5 folder named sumOfPDivs.css. You’ll find an example of this file under week 8 on Canvas. It can serve as your starting place for formatting/styling aspects of your web application. Be sure that there is a link to this file in your html. C) Create a third file called sumOfPDivs.js that will contain all the JavaScript code, and use a script element in the html page to connect sumOfPDivs.html to sumOfPDivs.js.
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