My paper is about crashes for Roadway- Two Lane Run of road on rural primary two-lane roads in Iowa state USA between 2010-2014. To complete my course paper, we should know the next step is going to be Data/Method and I will upload all files you need to do the Data/Method and I’m going to upload too the format for it. I used two programs (GIS & SAS) to get all data on Iowa Stata from 2010-2014 and I need to comparison between data from GIS & SAS only for those files (freq_csev_rur2laneROR & crashseverity_ROR_2010-2014) and you already did the first part the Literature Review.

You should be able to progress through my data analysis more quickly now that you have both the power of GIS and SAS behind you.

I posted some examples of past papers…some are better than others. You can use these as examples of my expectations. You can also use the references that you’ve obtained yourselves as examples.


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