1.It is important to consult team members when establishing the team’s performance plan that will contribute to organisational goals, plans and objectives. When consulting with the team, why is it important for them to have a common understanding of:

Team purpose?




(250-350 words)

2. Explain what a Performance Plan

is used for,

what it should contain,

what it should align with and

the types of goals it might include.

(200-300 words)

3. Provide an outline of what you, as team leader, can do to support team members in meeting expected performance outcomes? (200-300 words)

4. Discuss the benefits of involving team members in planning and decision making. (200-300 words).

5. Provide reasons why policies and procedures ensure team members take responsibility for their own work and to assist others. (80-160 words)

6. Explain the role of feedback in encouraging, valuing and rewarding individual and team efforts. Provide some examples of how you can do this. (80-160 words)

7. Outline two strategies that can support team cohesion, participation and performance. (80-160 words)

8. Explain consensus decision making and provide two strategies for gaining consensus for an idea or action within a team. (200-250 words)

9. Explain Tuckman’s theory of team development in your own words. (200-250 words)

10. Explain how group dynamics can support or hinder team performance. (150-200 words)

11. List two common positive and two common negative behaviours of a team leader that can affect group dynamics.

12. Outline two strategies for improving group dynamics.

13. Explain how a team leader can assist in preventing issues from arising within their team. (150-200 words)

14. Explain how each of the following options can be used as issue resolution strategies

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