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Firefox is one of my favorite software application. The unlimited features that it has and the fact that it’s open source allows the program to grow and become better every day. I use Firefox over any other web browser because it has more flexibility when it comes to surfing the web and working on websites or even watching videos. There are many addons you can do to make your browsing more enjoyable. For example, if I wanted to watch videos online and there were many ads that pop up, Firefox has a great addon that allows me to block these ads so I can enjoy my video. Other browser have a pop up feature, but they don’t work as well as Firefox.

Firefox has thousands of programmers on the Internet that fuel unprecedented levels of innovation into the Firefox browser. This allows many businesses to tweak the browser to work within their businesses and allows the everyday person to have an application that meets their needs. Due to the mass number of programmers within the Mozilla community, it has shown that commercial companies they can benefit by collaborating in open source projects and that great end user products can be produced as open source software.

Mozilla is the non-profit organization that owns Firefox. They started in 1998 when Netscape and Internet explorer were the major browsers. After many years and hard work by thousands of programmers, 2004 was the year the software blew up. By the end of that year, the software was downloaded over 100 million times (“History of The Mozilla Project”).

“History Of The Mozilla Project”. Mozilla. N.p., 2017. Web. 11 Apr. 2017.

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Hi Everyone,

When I think of a useful application software that I have used many different times I think of Skype. According to Press wire, “Skype is the world’s fastest-growing Internet communication offering, allowing unlimited free voice, video and instant messaging communication between users of Skype Software” (Morning Movers, 2006). Having the ability to communicate with family and friends from any where in the world is really helpful. For those who have to travel for work it is a invaluable tool because it allows a small amount of normality when everything is going south. I have found the software to be beneficial when I was deployed. Others may find it beneficial to stay in touch with family and friends back home if they are away. But Skype does not just have to be for the public. According to Canada Newswire, “Skype for Business offering in response to continued demand among businesses around the world that use Skype(TM) to communicate with customers and colleagues” (Skype means, 2007). This is something I use daily at my place of work.

When it comes to the business side of Skype it has gone from simply being a video chat device to the way an entire organization can communicate. From video conferences to being able to call people from one computer to another. It still allows you the ability to send instant messages as well which is useful when you just have a quick question. I do not know of a program that I use more than Skype on a daily basis.


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