There are two parts to this question. 1) It’s clear that monument building was popular in many cultures around the world, and that they often built them in similar shapes, even though they had no contact with each other. Many people have proposed that it must have been aliens who taught these different cultures to do this. We know, of course, that this is not true. Using the scientific method, how would you explain the human construction of similar monuments around the world, in cultures that clearly had no contact with each other? In other words, why did they all choose the pyramid shape, as opposed to another shape? (Make sure you don’t just recount the steps of the scientific method – use the evidence in your course materials to make your case, scientifically). 2) Regardless of one’s perspective on psychic abilities or the presence of a supernatural creator, what are the benefits of using a scientific approach to understand the world around us?

you should write 2 good paragraphs (4-5 sentence each)


  1. You should be writing at least two full paragraphs in response to the discussion prompt (4-5 substantial sentences per paragraph)
  2. You should take a clear position on the topic, and support your position with specific and relevant examples from the class material
  3. You should make sure to fully answer BOTH parts of the discussion prompt
  4. You should primarily be using information from the class materials (text, PowerPoints, video and web links). You can supplement your post with other information from the internet or other sources, but the class materials should be your primary sources.


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