Prompt 1

1. Consider Justin and Clark in Essay 27. Select one of the items in the columns and propose the differences between these two boys. Explain why these differences would occur.

Prompt 2

2. The textbook implies that those born into homes with few resources are likely to stay in the lower quintiles of income. Do you believe the reasons for this are rooted in a lack of opportunity imposed by society or a lack of successful models in their environment? Explain.

  • This assignment must be in APA format: Times Roman 12 font, double spaced, and include a reference page.
  • Title and reference pages do not count toward the total word or page count (I will do the title page).
  • Textbook and outside sources need to be referenced and cited in the paper (outside sources if needed need to be peer reviewed and within the last 5 years – they might not be necessary for this assignment).
  • Essays: (at least 300 words per prompt)


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