use Microsoft PowerPoint to create a professional presentation, develop a project you would be proud to give your boss to present in an important meeting. Use the speaker notes section for the details, use short bullets points on the slides, use photos, artwork and graphs to capture the audiences attention. Be thoughtful with the colors and don’t forget an important step; check your presentation in show mode be sure it works in all settings and looks balanced.

*****Resources: Current Employer or Company you are familiar with

Create a 5 to 7 slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® Presentation, including speaker notes, illustrating the demographics of your current or prior department. In the presentation include the employee’s title, description of duties, and gender using a bar graph or pie chart.

Include the following in your presentation:

  • A description of your organization and the nature of the organization describing whether your organization is a public or private entity.
  • Compare Diversity Management and Equal Opportunity.
  • Highlight components of an effective diversity management policy.
  • How categorizing individuals into demographic categories affects an organization.
  • Your thoughts on the structure of your department and whether the structure represents a diverse work environment.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. References are required, at leaset one of the research references must be from a course textbook.

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