Domestic Terrorism
In a numbered response for each question answer the following in narrative form:
Domestic Terrorism
1) Research the Unabomber’s manifesto on the Internet and summarize something interesting from it. Provide the link to the website.
2) Is there something in the manifesto that you can sympathize with or is it all just ranting?
3) Compare Ted Kaczynski to the Boston Marathon bombers. Are there similarities?
4) Properly cite your source(s)
Student Objectives for this Forum:
Students will learn about how to properly investigate arson cases and the legal aspects of gaining entry to such scenes and the requirements needed to lawfully remain at a fire scene.
Students will learn about domestic terrorism and how routine these events are occurring in the US.
Student expectations for Forum questions:
Your initial Forum posts require a minimum of a 500 word substantive response not including the question or sources.
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