English Discussion 7

Part 1

  1. if you quote, adapt, or paraphrase words from another person’s writing, what are the two basic things you must always do for correct academic citation?
  2. How do you personally feel about these incidents? . . .

(a) A politician borrows word-for-word passages from a speech by someone else and inserts them into a speech of his or her own.

(b) An Internet user copies articles and photos from someone else’s website and inserts them into their own money-making blog.

(c) A student “recycles” schoolwork by submitting the same identical paper for very different assignments to two or more different University classes.

(d) A student goes online to a “paper mill” (a company that sells pre-written papers for students to submit as their own), obtains a canned paper, and submits it for a class assignment as their own work.

  1. Is each situation plagiarism, or not? If no, why not? If yes, what should be done about the incident?
  2. Do you know a real-world example of poor business ethics that involves communication? Please describe the incident, the choices people made, and the eventual outcome. How could the issue have been avoided?
    Part 2

Read all of these articles:

· Social Networking Media Enhances Your Job Search by Cindy Kibbe;

· Dive Right into Social Media by Howard Silverstone;

· Your Social Media Is Showing by Aliah D. Wright.

~ Cindy Kibbe wrote: “The use of Internet social media is fast becoming the primary way people are finding jobs.”

~ Howard Silverstone wrote: “Do not say or do anything within the realm of social media that you wouldn’t say or do in person.”

~ Aliah Wright wrote: “A candidate’s online presence may say more than a resume.”

  1. How many of the statements quoted above do you fully agree with? Some? None? All? Please explain with specifics or examples.
  2. Which one of these do you believe could give you the greatest competitive “edge” in a job search:

· Your resume

· Your references

· Your interview skills

· Your online presence

· Your accumulated knowledge

All are important, and anyone could make-or-break a job application. But, if you are forced to prioritize, which one brings the greatest edge when other job candidates are equally qualified?

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