– Revise: When you revise a piece you are doing more than fixing minor editing errors – you should be radically rethinking the structure, argument, and evidence/examples utilized in the piece. Sometimes it may feel like you are rewriting the entire piece and while frustrating, that is ok. Sometimes a revision may simply be a matter of fixing one paragraph and reframing a few sentences here and there – never underestimate the power of word choice.

– Supplement ONE major assignment (must be a different assignment than the revision)

Create a piece in a different genre and/or medium that acts as a supplement to the original assignment.

Consider: what was the purpose of the original assignment? What was your argument or narrative? What are other ways to communicate the same or similar things?

For example: in assignment three you are asked to create a composition to create awareness

what’s a different type of composition you could make?

Another example: in assignment one you are asked to reflect on your literacy narrative – if you wrote a narrative essay, what might a vlog, zine, or painting look like?

-2 page reflection essay on the Final Portfolio detailing your composition process from initial conceptualization to final drafts, including reflection on choices and changes made along the way. This should speak specifically to the assignment revision & supplement.

-1 page reflection essay on the course that speaks to your thoughts about you as a writer –

how it has (or hasn’t) shifted from the beginning of the semester, things that you’ve learned, things that you’re still frustrated about, etc.

Formatting Requirements for all written text:

12pt font in a reasonable style (e.g. Times New Roman, Arial, Calibri, etc.) Double spaced 1” margins

Include: first & last name; course number; assignment number

Title your different portions (e.g. Revision, supplement, Final Portfolio Reflection, Course Reflection)

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