Select a business that you would like to learn more about which has experienced a recent ethical lapse or dilemma. Research how the corporation’s ethical lapse has impacted the business and employees (current and former). Write a paper 5 pages in length that addresses the following for your chosen business:

Description of the business: brief history and current state
Provide information on their mission, vision, ethical culture
How do they display social responsibility?
What products/services are provided by this business?
Who are their customers?
What external and internal trends are likely to impact this business
Describe the corporate leadership
Write a detailed explanation of the event or ethical issue that this company has encountered.
How is this company doing financially both now and before the ethical lapse?
What ethical questions are raised by this event or situation that the company finds itself in?
How might this situation have been handled differently and if so, what do you anticipate the outcome would be? Support your thesis about the anticipated outcome.
What can a manager today learn from these events?

Use the company’s website, a minimum of three (please try to make these less than 8 years old) articles from The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Business Week or other similar business publications which discuss this issue. Include a link to the articles with your report and any other information used to explore this company. Cite articles/books used in your research.
Format: APA format | 5 pages in length (not counting cover page and references) | Double-spaced | 12pt. Times New Roman Font | Cite all sources | Include all references


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