Explore Voice Communication over Internet Protocol (VoIP)
Suppose that Alice is calling Bob using the service of VoIP. You are required to explore one of the following category VoIP communications a), b), c), and d) based on the last digit of your student number:
a) Telephone to telephone (student number ending with 1, 2)
b) Telephone to computer (student number ending with 3, 4, 5)
c) Computer to telephone (student number ending with 6, 7, 8)
d) Computer to computer (student number ending with 9, 0)
Your task is to write an essay (within two pages) to address:
· What devices are involved from transferring Alice’s voice to the sound that Bob receives?
· Explain the functions of devices used for signal transform, i.e. how the analog voice is converted to
digital or analog signals.
· Draw a diagram to show the information flow and demonstrate in which parts signal are analog, and
in which parts are digital. You can use the building block of the following:
You may start to search the key words “Voice over IP” from Google or from RMIT library website:
You can find the content of VoIP on the prescribed textbook: Data and Computer Communications,
William Stalling:
o Chapter 25 Internet Multimedia Support, section 2 on the 10th edition, or
o Chapter 26 Internet Multimedia Support, section 2, the online chapter on the 9th edition.
Note that you need to write the essay of Part B by yourself. If the similarity score from run Turitin is
over 30%, the author may run the risk of plagiarism which is serious in academic community.
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