Please add all the 3 papers (attached in sequence 1,2,3) for final Project.
Missing content/headings: Table of content, Business Strategy, Recommendations.

Your final project consists of creating a paper with eight to 20 pages of content. The paper must contain the following information, including the listed section headings.

  • Title Page
  • Table of Contents (section heading)
  • Introduction (section heading)
    • Identify the country, company, company product, and foreign market
    • History of the firm and the foreign market
  • Company & Environmental Analysis (section heading)
    • PESTEL analysis
    • Porter’s Five Forces Model analysis
    • VRIO framework analysis
    • SWOT analysis
  • Business Strategy (section heading)
    • Foreign direct investment, strategic alliance or merger and acquisition (M&A)
  • Summary/Conclusions (section heading)
  • Recommendations (section heading)
  • References (section heading)
  • Appendices (if needed) (section heading)


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