Furnaces for Contact Annealing

Jane is a chemical engineer working in a processing division of a large semiconductor fabrication facility. She is tasked to order new furnaces for annealing indium, zinc and gold contacts. A different furnace is used for each metal. Furnaces vary in price and have different operation temperatures, as shown a table in the uploaded file named “table.”


Jane wants to order three MTX 120 furnaces first. Then, she remembers that operation temperature of furnaces should be at least 50 K (degrees Kelvin) above annealing temperature.

Annealing temperatures are provided in a table in the uploaded file named “table.”


-What furnaces should Jane select to save money for the company?

-How can she explain her decision in the report she will submit to her manager?

-Note that temperatures are given in American, metric, and SI units. Jane needs to convert them into one system to find correct answer.

-Please include any tables of calculations, calculated values, and graphs associated with this problem in the body of your assignment response.  

-Your reference section should include at least one peer-reviewed, scholarly reference.


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