Hello is me, is that possible that you provide me your e-m-a-i-l?

Read the article and submit a 1 page write up (Similar to the Non-Scholarly Source Evaluation but this time for scholarly article chosen above)

1. Identify the main claim of the study and any other claims you thought are important.

2. Describe the evidence used to support claim by making specific comments about methods used in the study – Be sure to also EXPLAIN the Strengths/Weaknesses of those methods (IMPORTANT)

3. Comments about the topic – Your thoughts on the topic, results, or significance of the issue.

Grading Rubric

5pts – Thoughtful ideas on both Methods and Topic

4pts – Thoughtful idea of just one of the criteria

3pts – Surface level ideas about Methods and Topic or Provides a summary of article, does not address Methods or Topic


Reading Assignment Rubric 5pts

Reading Assignment Rubric 5pts


This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeGrade

5.0 pts

Specific ideas discussed for both methods and topic

4.0 pts

Specific ideas discussed for just one part of assignment

3.0 pts

Vague ideas discussed for both methods and topic or simply provides summary

0.0 pts


5.0 pts

Total Points: 5.0


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