This assignment asks you to research the Go Baby Go program and develop your position regarding its purpose and how you think it affects society. Consider the following information to help you develop your position on what the Go Baby Go program is doing for society.

What is the Go Baby Go program? Why was it developed? Where did it start?
? The program was developed in response to what need? How does that need impact people and society?
? Determine/Research how that technology has positively or negatively affected life since its introduction into society.

? How can societal, political, and business systems develop alongside the technical discovery? Analyze the impact at both the local level (NAU, Flagstaff, surrounding area) and beyond (United States versus Global).

Example possible areas of impact:
Creation of societal classes/castes
Social justice, human rights
Women’s and minorities’ rights
Disability and Diversity Inclusion
Development of money and banking systems
Political organization and parties
Laws, regulations, justice and court systems
You must include at least three references. Cite all references within the text and provide a List of References (Bibliography) at the end of the report. Citations and Bibliographies must be in standard, IEEE format. The format of the report is up to you, but you must include your name, date, and section number/time at the top of the first page. Do NOT simply answer the questions in the order asked above. Format your information is a logical progression, where your paragraphs flow from topic to topic

Include a Conclusion at the end of the report that contains your personal impression and feelings on the program. This should be the only place in the report that contains opinion instead of fact.
Length: No more than two pages (excluding Bibliography) using single-spaced lines and 11-point font. All figures must be properly labeled and referenced within the text – one figure maximum.


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