topic is How effective DUI in car devices

Assignments Must be APA 6th edition format


I need list wich contain 30 different sources ,not be more than 5 year old, if newest ,better.

Also separate of that in essay form answer this questions(same topic):

•Selecting the Research Design

•Based on your topic, which research design do you perceive as being the most appropriate? Explain why?

•How do you plan to collect your data? Explain why? (e.g. Interview or Questionnaires)

•What group in society will benefit from your study results? What benefit will be obtained?

Fill in this chart!

Logic Model – Political and Civic Engagement Service Learning Initiative


What resources will be use to support the project?


What are the main things the project will do/provide?


How many and what sort of observable/ tangible results will be achieved?

4)Short-term outcomes

What will occur as a direct result of the activities & outputs? (typically, changes in knowledge, skills, attitudes)

5)Mid-Term outcomes

What results should follow from the initial outcomes? (typically changes in behavior, policies, practice)

6)Long-Term outcomes

What results should follow from the initial outcomes (typically, changes in broader conditions)


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