Write a Causal Argument Essay of between 1300-1700 words using MLA format and documentation
to explore an effect with multiple causes or a cause with multiple effects using appropriate
Make sure you present your causal claim near the beginning of your essay, usually toward the end
of your introductory paragraph
The causal argument you make about your topic must be based on specific evidence
and must be objectively supportable. As you develop your claim, consider the audiences potential
objections to your claim and account for them in your discussion. Dont forget about establishing an ethos
that helps you gain credibility with your audience. Also, be careful about potential logical fallacies.
Style and Correctness
Conform to the conventions of standard edited English (see Ch. 13)
Write for an academic audience (see Ch. 17)
Follow conventions of MLA format (see Ch. 20)
4-6 peer-reviewed scholarly or otherwise credible sources
Document Sources MLA Style (see Chs. 20 & 21)
Paraphrase appropriately (see Ch. 20) Quote Sparingly (see Ch. 20)
Resources Available
College Library and database
Database Helpsheet
Chapters 18-22 in your textbook


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