use 600-750 words in your Discussion Essay.

How did the way Virginia was founded and organized affect its later participation in the founding of the Independent nation of the United States? Use The House of Burgess Proceedings, The Declaration of Independence, Richard Henry Lee’s Resolution for Independence, (All located at the end of Module 1 Instructor Comment) as well as one or more secondary sources of your choice, referencing your sources using MLA in-text citation. You may also use information about and the text of the Constitution of the United States in your essay as well as the Kentucky Resolutions, the Virginia Resolutions, and the text from Washington’s Newburg Address. Place the Word Count at the end of your paper and include a separate MLA Works Cited. Be sure to use at least 3 primary sources and at least one secondary source.

Use MLA format and include in-text citations and a Works Cited for both the essay and response. Include your word count. Each paragraph must be supported by at least one source.

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