Argument identifying and resolving an issue of interpretation in a primary source.Identify one key issue to explore and resolve in your paper. Formulate the issue as a level 3 question, and resolve the issue by a detailed, specific analysis of the text.
* 4-5 pages + works cited page
* please use just the source I provide to include ins text citations (paraphrasing/quotes) to make your argument
* level three question is a thesis you come up with to argue the paper
thesis formula examples :
1.What role does concept/analytical unit X play in Author Y’s
portrayal of Z?
2.What does source X reveal/show/indicate about
issue/dynamic/culture Y during…?
3.What role does concept/analytical unit X play in source Y?
4.How is X represented/what role does X play in sources Y and Z?
Some ideas to take into consideration:
This text describes a “holy man,” whose religious commitments
endow him with special abilities. What does the text reveal about the society and culture that considered this man holy and told
these stories about him? About the relationships between individual, family, and community? About political power and religion? Consider these general questions to help you identify an issue of interpretation . What contradictions, curiosities, confusing points, connections do you see? Why does it matter? What are some possible interpretations that are in conflict?
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