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Provide a brief discussion of the main points using original interpretations and analysis.
Relate to other readings or to the course learning objectives found below
Discuss how the reading contributed to further understanding of topics, terms, or theories in two specific ways.
(page or page and half) 
Learning Objectives:
1. Identify and describe the meanings of group identities and the processes of group development across a
range of historical periods and cultures.
2. Apply and analyze theories of gender role development.
3. Identify and explain historical and contemporary social problems related to sex and gender, as well as
the institutions designed to address each issue.
4. Develop and communicate solutions to the contemporary problems associated with sex, gender, and
sexual orientation.
5. Develop and apply solutions to contemporary social problems associated with sex and gender.
6. (ILO 5) Analyze their own attitudes, behaviors, and beliefs regarding the intersection of different
statuses, such as social class, race, and sex and gender


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