easy paperFebruary 23, 2021NB(please work out the values fr 2014, to allow me get the figures for 2015 and 2016)February 23, 2021

These memoranda will be in:
Memo format (template provided)
One page in length
One inch margins
12-point font
A summary of focal facts exhibited in your workplace(1 paragraph).
An analysis section that applies course knowledge to interpret the facts (1 paragraph).
A decision section that communicates conclusions and/or recommendations (1 paragraph)
Memo format will include:
Memo #1
Identify an issue faced in your workplace that relates to a key OB topic discussed in chapters 1 through 5.
Write a memo to your supervisor that informs what the situation is and how the OB topic can resolve or explain the reason the issue is present.
State a conclusion. Present a recommendation, if applicable, or reason issue is present if a recommended course of action is not applicable.


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