Click on the Session 4 Discussion link and create a new thread to respond to the discussion prompt. After posting your initial response, please comment on classmates’ responses. Respond by making constructive responses or by raising other questions that will promote further discussion and learning by all of us.

It is best practice to post early and continually participate throughout the session. You will be graded not only for your posting, but your participation in this discussion. Your initial post is due by Wednesday at 11:59 P.M. (MST) of the session in which the discussion is assigned. A minimum of two (2) additional response posts are due on Sunday at 11:59 P.M. (MST). These are minimum requirements. Be sure to follow any additional guidelines posted by the instructor for the course in regards to discussions.

Review the rubric for the discussion.

In-Seat Students:

Review the discussion prompt below. Then prepare a list of talking points in order to be prepared for the class discussion. Please bring a printed copy to class.

Discussion Prompt: Living a Transformed Life

In chapter 1, Smith (2011) presents the three callings: the call to be a Christian, the vocational calling, and the immediate call. Though the book focuses specifically on vocational calling, our biblical perspective this week lends an interesting view of calling in general. Consider how the call to be a Christian leads to a transformed life and informs your perception of the other two callings (vocational and immediate). Continuing our discussion in this class regarding the relevance of scripture, contemplate how being able to use and understand scripture can add depth to your understanding of the three callings, applying the concepts from this week’s learning activity.


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