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Biology is just one field in the greater discipline of science, which relies upon the application of the scientific method to understand the living world around us. We will be using the scientific method this quarter and understanding and applying it is one of the most important objectives for this course.

This lab will help you to identify the core of the scientific method and the flexibility in how it is actually used. You may work with up to 2 classmates (max group size is 3) on this- I have instructions below on how to use a free website to build a comic strip together. If you work in a group, only one person needs to turn in the file if everyone’s name is on the finished product.

You will need 2-3 hours to complete this lab using:

  • Stable internet connection on tablet/computer and an internet browser that can use Adobe Flash Player (you may need to enable Flash, directions here: https://www.techworm.net/2020/02/unblock-adobe-flash-player.html (Links to an external site.))
  • Access to YouTube
  • A piece of paper and a writing utensil to take notes (optional)


  • Learn about the scientific method.
    • Read this introduction to the scientific methodActions
    • Watch at least one of these videos then write down one thing the video discussed that was either not part of the document above OR that was different than what was in the document. All 3 videos are about the scientific method, but approach it differently. 

  • For more, this website is helpful: https://undsci.berkeley.edu/article/0_0_0/howscienceworks_01 (Links to an external site.)
  • Create a comic strip that explains both the 6 main steps of the scientific method in the document you read, but also why there is flexibility in what order they are used in (the website will be helpful with this). This comic strip should be able to communicate these ideas to a friend who is not in science, and have enough detail that your friend could use the scientific method in their everyday life to help them solve a problem (like the car not starting, the TV not turning on, etc).
    • Go to https://www.canva.com/create/comic-strips/ (Links to an external site.) and make a free account using your Green River College email. This is a free website that allows you to create very polished visual presentations, including comic strips (which is what we will use in this lab).
      • The help page is at https://support.canva.com/?s=comic&type= (Links to an external site.); “Getting Started” and “Create Your Design” are particularly helpful.
    • You can use the premade templates and modify the text or create your own from scratch.
    • You may work with up to 2 classmates (max groups of 3) on a shared diagram- Click on the “Share” in the upper corner and use their Green River College email to invite them to collaborate on your design.
    • If you worked in a group, create a new textbox and type in the names (first and last) of everyone who worked on your design. Failure to include the names of your group members will result in them not getting a grade for this assignment if only 1 copy is turned in.
    • When you are done, click “Download” and download a PDF of your finished design.
  • Upload your finished comic strip PDF to the Lab 1 Assignment

You may choose to do this assignment on paper. If you do so, please make sure that you take pictures of high enough quality that I can read and see everything on your comic strips. If multiple pictures are needed, put them into a single Word document and save the final document as a PDF file.


There is not necessarily one correct way to complete this assignment- this assignment does allow for flexibility in how you want to communicate the important concepts. I will primarily be looking to see that all 6 steps are explained, that the flexibility of the method is explained, and that the application of the scientific method to everyday problems is also explained.





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