Topic:  Linkage between the rank-and-file employee compensation and employee performance

    Up to now, we have focused on executive compensation plans.  Now, we want to spend some time exploring how the rest of the organization’s employees are compensated. These models can run the gamit from per-hour wages for non-management employees to established pay ranges by position level.  Regardless of position, there is generally some method of evaluation that contributes to pay decisions that are made for the employee base at large.

  If you have been in the workplace for a while, you have probably experienced any number of different employee evaluation models.  These might have ranged from management by objectives (MBOs) to 360 degree evaluations.  Our objective in this module is to examine some of these models and compare them in terms of their effectiveness.

Instructions for Forum 4:

Find at least three peer-reviewed articles that relate to the general topic.
Develop a position on whether or not performance evaluation models are effective motivators for employee performance?  What are the organizational implications of employing such models?
Draw a conclusion as to whether or not these performance evaluation models are useful for making employee compensation decisions.
General Instructions:

Document your writing per APA.
Develop a discussion that is at least 1000 words.


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