For this assignment, you will choose one of the topics below and gather a list of eight to ten resources. For each resource located, indicate what the source is and why it would be a good resource for the topic you have chosen. All the sources must be scholarly in NATURE (Scholarly and Peer Reviewed Research). It would be wise to choose a topic that best aligns with your chosen client and the Problem Statement you identified in the file I uploaded.

You will be focusing on locating resources, such as journals and other scholarly publications, not individual articles. Be sure to explain what the resource is, why it is relative to your topic and any other important information including whether it is a scholarly resource and if it is peer reviewed.

Topic Choices:

Green marketing
Health food
Health-conscious consumers
Health-conscious parents
Organic products
Boutique retail
Affluent consumers
Affluent parents
Online retailing
Web marketing
Geographic marketing

Your research, analysis, and discussion submission should be 250?500 words in length.
Use proper MLA formatting.
Use proper grammar and spelling.

Copy and paste the outline below for this

Topic Choice (Choose from one in the list in the instructions)

Annotated Bibliography
8-10 Resources. Briefly describe source in MLA style; include link. Follow with format as directed here:












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