I need this ASAP in 3 hours with full comments please and solving

This is the template script:

% Name: Yara

% BENG 101 Spring 2019
% Recitation #302
% Matlab Assigment #3
% Date
% This is a script file for Matlab Assignment 3.  The goals of this
% assignment is to learn how to perform element-by-element and matrix operations
% practice relational and logical operators and seelection and iteration
% statements

%clear variables and command window
clear all;

% Problem 1:

% Rename the file using the format FirstName_LastName_Rec#_Matlab3a.m
% Problem 2:
% Problem 3:
% Problem 4:
%Put your answers to the questions asked in problem 4 here as comments
% Problem 5;
% Problem 6:
% Problem 7:
% Problem 8:


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