Module 1 – Description Exercise, Part 2.
Record yourself reading Module 1 – Description Exercise, Part 2 aloud, and then in the same recording extemporize (meaning just say, not necessarily write and then read) your response to the questions below. Your video should be about 60-120 seconds at most.
What are some differences between what you wrote about for ?an? orange versus ?your? orange?
What are some differences in what your classmates wrote? Be as specific as possible: your response represents another version of description. Here, though, description refers less to the senses and more to the writer?s need for concrete example and support. You can use a reply post for this response.
Post your response to Module 1 – “School Lunches” (copy and pasted).
Post what you wrote for Module 1 – Your “School Lunch” (again, copy and pasted).
Post what you wrote (again, copy and pasted) for Module 1 – Brainstorming a Topic.

Part B

Read at least three of your peers? posts (and WATCH their videos). Then, in a few sentences, for at least two of your peers? posts, address any or all of these questions:

Copy and put in ?quotation marks? one sentence that you like and agree with. Explain what you like or agree with. Then, copy and put in ?quotation marks? one sentence that you have a question about or disagree with. Explain yourself and/or why you feel differently.
Briefly comment on any aspect of the video, including the experience of recording or viewing videos as a component of an online class.
For Module 1 – Description Exercise, Part 2 or Module 1 – Your “School Lunch”, how does your response compare with your classmates? descriptions?
For Module 1 – Brainstorming a Topic, pick the topic that you think lends itself to a whole essay about description. What seems to have potential? What looks interesting and why? What is general enough for the average reader yet looks like it lends itself to personalization and specificity for the writer?


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