On-line support group: Find an on-line support group. It could be related to any kind of health issue (stress, ovarian cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, diabetes, eating disorders**) GOALS: 1) Find out the kinds of messages that are posted by the members and create categories. Examples of kinds of messages are: information seeking; information giving; sharing of personal experience; positive communication; offering emotional support; venting; etc. (These are just examples. You could also formulate your own categories of responses.) 2) Under each category write an example (or 2) of a real message from a user. 3) Reflect on what you´ve read: What were your feelings reading the messages? Your other responses? Any associations to your own life or people you know? What kind of message would you communicate on such a website (if you were a member)? Finally – what do you think: which messages empowered/helped the members the most? Give example. (7%). 


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