Please only do number six, since is a team project my portion is number six

Resources: Teaming: How Organizations Learn, Innovate, and Compete in the Knowledge Economy, “If You Have To Fail — And You Do — Fail Forward”

Create a 4 minute writing about meaningful collaboration in health care leadership. The video should be part tutorial, part informative, and should be something you would share with your colleagues at an internal professional development session or a leadership conference. .

These are the topics to cover but my portion is ONLY NUMBER SIX

Team assignment

  1. What is collaboration?
  2. How is collaboration used in healthcare?
  3. How does collaboration work in a team setting?
  4. How can healthcare workers collaborate effectively?
  5. What is ineffective collaboration? Sonya Williams
  6. How as an individual contribute to collaboration?
  7. Tips on collaboration in the healthcare setting.


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