Choose any 3 of the following people. Classify each into a SEPARATE, SINGLE, typology. Explain, using examples, why you chose the group that you did for each individual. This paper should be a MINIMUM OF 8 PAGES long and a maximum of 12 pages, NOT including your typology paper or works cited. The Total Paper should be MINIMUM 8 to 9 pages!!
George W. Bush Kamala Harris Stacey Abrams Marco Rubio Joaquin Castro
Mitt Romney Mitch McConnell
Bernie Sanders Donald Trump Hillary Clinton

Mike Pence Barack Obama Ted Cruz
Gregg Abbott Jimmy Carter Nancy Pelosi
(Note there are exactly the same number of Democrats as there are Republicans) This is a research paper. You need to follow MLA formatting Including in text citation with bibliography, etc. The paper WILL NOT be accepted for a passing grade with out BOTH proper MLA formatting and in- text (parenthetical citations). Also, please make sure to use at LEAST 9 different scholarly resource


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